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Tapas, processing e dessert

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Six Courses Degustation Tierra Menu


Egg 65° with corn cream, grilled corn with toasted hazelnutz and in sauce

Twice cooked quail with sauteed Brussels sprouts, Bastaldo bitter sauce and wild berries powder

Tagliolini Senatore Cappelli with anchovy pouring from Cetara, green sauce and lime

Lucanian pork filet cooked at low temperature with Murgia’s herbs, chicharrones, our barbecue and panfried chicory

Dicecca gold cheese aged 36 months with fruit jam

Babbà with bergamot sorbet, mint and crystallized violet petals

€ 58,00 (Drinks Not Included)


The Degustation Menu Is Just Available For All The Customers Of The Same Table

Let Us Know All The Allergie Before Order


Creamed pork fat with murgia’ s herbs € 6.00
Sweet and spicy local salami € 13.00
Musciska (dried spicy pork meat) € 12.00
Selection of soft, semi-hard and hard local cheeses € 12.00

Tacos Di Cavallo

Tortilla with horse tartare, leek in rice vinegar, crème fraîche, coriander and lime

€ 12.00


Steamed bun with crunchy baby octopus, fried peppers and umeboshi sauce

€ 13.00

Un Uovo Quadrato

Egg 65° with corn cream, grilled corn with toasted hazelnuts and in sauce

€ 12.00

Insalata Autunnale

Tomato Salad, Caper Flowers With Melon Gazpacho And Toasted Almond

€ 12.00

Tartare di Manzo

Beef tartare with it’ s condiments and paprika popcorn

€ 14.00

Il Nostro Cevice

Marinated Hamachi kingfish sashimi with Jerez vinegar, chervil, oregano, peanuts and sesame

€ 15.00

Quaglia e Bosco

Panfried and fried quail with sauteed Brussels sprouts, Bastaldo bitter sauce and wild berries powder

€ 16.00


First Courses

Open ravioli with braised beef, Lucanian truffle sauce and honey carrots gel

€ 16.00

Tagliolini Senatore Cappelli with anchovies sauce from Cetara, green gel and lime

€ 15.00

Mixed pasta with smoked provola sauce, Sarconi’ s beans with bay leaves and crusco pepper foam

€ 14.00
Main Courses



Horse chops with its sauce and pecorino chips

€ 14.00


Seared turbot fish with confit cherry tomatoes, vanilla and mezcal, mediterranean chimichurri and capers

€ 18.00


Lucanian pork fillet sous vide with Murgia’s herbs, chicharrones, homemade barbecue sauce and panfried chicory

€ 15.00


King brown mushrooms sautéed with cauliflower cream, caramel sauce and flakes almonds

€ 14.00




Fried Peppers With Maldon Salt € 7.00
Cruchy Potato With Peppercorn Powder € 7.00
Panfried chicory with garlic, EVO and chilli € 7.00
Panfried borage with garlic, EVO and chilli € 7.00




Babbà with bergamot sorbet, mint and crystallized violet petals

€ 7.00


Apple tarte tatin, sage ice cream and Maldon salt

€ 7.00


70 % chocolate mousse stick, salted caramel and chocolate hazelnuts glaze with vanilla ice-cream

€ 8.00


Still / Sparkling water
€ 2.00
Coke / Coke Zero / Fanta /Tonic
€ 3.50


Menabrea Premium Lager Blonde
4,8% Vol – Cl 33

€ 4.00

Menabrea Premium Lager Amber
5% Vol – Cl 33

€ 4.50

Menabrea Red Double Malt
7,5% Vol – Cl 33

€ 4.50


Blonde Beer Fovea 100% Grano Duro
5% Vol – Cl 33                                      

€ 8.00
White Beer Madeleine Gargano Edition
5% Vol – Cl 33 
€ 8.00
Amber Beer Apaks American Pale Ale
6,7% Vol – Cl 33  
€ 8.00

Dark Beer Alekseevna Russian Imperial Stout
9,5% Vol – Cl 37

€ 9.00
Wine By The Glass
€ 6,00 – 9.00
Long Drink

Gin tonic, Vodka tonic, Spritz, Hugo, Americano

€ 6,00 – 9.00

Mi-Tierra                                                                                Vermouth, Campari, Murgia’ s Herbs  

€ 7,00
€ 2,50 – 7.00
Whiskey Selection
€ 7,00 – 15.00
Rum Selection
€ 7,00 – 15.00
€ 1.00


Some ingredients could be frozen or deep frozen at the origin.

In compliance with EU Reg. No. 1169/2011, the kind customers are advised that, in the drinks and foods prepared and administered in this exercise, there may be contained ingredients or adjuvants considered allergens.

For more information, a room operator is at your complete disposal.

COPERTO                  €2

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